December 12 2011

My old roommate Kyle and I had a New Years party last year. I decided to make an event poster to give the night a bit of a club feel and really wanted to try doing something with really bright gradient colors with some kind of interesting lighting. A few tutorials later and I had some ideas what to do and went at it.

Some time in July, Jeremy and myself decided that we should ride from town to what was then the top of Powerslave. I guess it's not really the top of Powerslave anymore since there is supposed to be an extension at the top now that I haven't ridden.

If you don't know Powerslave but have seen "Life Cycles" it is the trail in the builder's section and the part from the video is every bit as fun as it looks. I think of the trail in three parts. At the bottom you have the Bears Den which everybody rides, from there you head up to the Cabin entrance which is also easy to access if you shuttle to the bottom of the trail, and above that you have what was the highest point of the trail which starts between Toad Peak and Morning Mountain. There aren't too many people that ride this right from the top and we wondered if it was worth the extra effort to climb up there.

November 30 2011
1Fred EverythingHere I Am (Lazy Days Remix)0:00:00
2Fabio BacchiniChicago Jack (Real Time Hand Motion Remix)0:05:06
3Inland KnightsBroke0:09:22
4Johnny FiascoElementary 1010:14:12
5Special InterestSideways Market (Uneaq's TV Party Rerub)0:19:38
6Chuck LoveYellow Truth (Atnarko Remix)0:25:19
7Joshua HeathMonday Blues (Yogi & Husky Tech Wash Instumental)0:29:45
8D-t3chUnseen Things (Sonny Fodera Remix)0:34:01
9Joss MoogBlooming0:40:27
10UneaqI Don't Know0:45:23
11Miguel MigsBump Selecta (Dub Selecta)0:50:49
12TroydonLearn To Love (Troydon's Deep In the Digital Remix)0:56:45
13Inland KnightsCalling1:01:51
November 30 2011
1GreenskeepersGo (Troydon Remix)0:00:00
2Phil Weeks, Hector Moralez, Fries & BridgesForever This (Original)0:03:43
3AnhangueraGoing Higher (Original)0:08:25
4Chuck LoveStill Funky0:12:24
5DJ SneakGit The Ho (Original)0:16:22
6The BulgarianJack It Like A Zombie feat. Spoek (Jason Hodges Remix)0:19:38
7Jeremy JoshuaMusic (Original)0:24:12
8DJ Bam Bam, Bear Who?It's House (Original)0:29:02
9Anhanguera4 All The Gangsters (Original)0:33:40
10HuskyDating Is Easy0:37:43
11Cause & EffectFlyaway (Original)0:40:35
12Nerina PallotPeg (Cicada Remix)0:46:47

Here in version 1.1 things have been simplified quite a bit. No more fancy gradient mesh, no more depth of any sort really. But what is the deal with doing another logo already?

November 29 2011

I'm not sure if I was bored of the simplicity of my old logo but this one got perhaps a little bit overly complicated.

With my old logo just being a combination of circles within circles I thought that the new one should have more of a personal meaning. I can't think of a better way to accomplish that than to have a giant hallucinogenic mushroom as the center piece.
Actually, no. That's not the explanation of it at all.

November 28 2011

After about two years of having the same Flash site up as a portfolio I came to the conclusion that it was a pretty useless site for me to have to represent myself. I really have no 'statistics' to back that up with so you'll just have to agree with me. Most of the reason it could be considered useless probably has something to do with the very infrequent updates. The lack of updates probably has to do with the type of content being far too structured and therefore, dull.

My experimental solution to this is to now dive into the type of website so very commonly known as a 'blog'. That's right, I don't plan on doing anything revolutionary at all. Though I do plan on posting random things that I find interesting I do also want to keep things somewhat structured so that the posts don't end up as some kind of gross information soup.

What is my plan then?