Today was immensely irritating. I was hoping once again to make it further today and get to my parents house later this evening but once again the weather didn't want to play nicely. I was on the bike at 7:30 so that I could get to the south end of Manitoulin Island to the ferry terminal for the morning ferry. The ride down the island was 65km of non stop strong winds. I had hopes that when I got to the main land that the wind would be in my favor. No such luck. It was probably the strongest cross and head wind that I have had yet and it took everything I had to keep above 20km/h.

Nothing much to report on today. I woke up in a fog cloud in a dew covered tent. It was fairly warm this morning though and was quite nice by the lake. As usual in the tent it was a struggle to make breakfast and tear down camp on the schedule I was hoping for. It was 9:15 when I rolled out onto the highway again. The weather was good in the morning and the wind mostly cooperated with me all the way to Espanola.

After waking up in my swanky hotel room at 6:30 and stuffing as much of their complementary breakfast into myself as I could I packed up to get out of the city. I was on the road by 8:30 and fought my way out of the death maze that is city traffic on the first school day of the year. I had a pretty large day to do at 150km and the morning wasn't as fast as I had hoped. At least half of the ride I had a slight tail wind which seems to make all the difference and I cruised my way to a campground past Blind River.

We got a fairly early start today to do the 120km to Sault Ste. Marie. The forecast looked like we may be in for a lot of rain but it seemed like it was more likely in the afternoon. The clouds looked pretty menacing all day but it was the wind once more that was the killer. It was by far the windiest day I've had yet. At one point I actually got blown off of the road, at another point I was going down a fairly step hill pedaling hard only going 12km/h. It was kind of nuts. Thankfully it wasn't that strong the entire time but it definitely slowed me down a lot today.

Karin treated us to breakfast and a packed lunch for our ride through the park. It was difficult to leave her place. She was such an interesting lady, I easily could have stayed there for another few days. It's times like that which make me wish I had more time to hang out and explore different towns.

The ride through Lake Superior Provincial Park is apparently one of the top 10 scenic drives in Canada. If that's the case, the top 9 must be in BC. There were certainly some nice sections, but overall I was fairly underwhelmed. Maybe it was just because of the grey skies.

The rain decided to stick around today. We woke up to it coming down very lightly and the radar forecast looked like it may give us a bit of a break if we waited around until mid morning. That was definitely not the case. It only got worse. I managed to find some cheap and hilarious looking rain pants and jacket at the Home Hardware in White River before we set off for the day. I'm glad I found them because we had a full day of rain for the 100km until Wawa. Despite the rain, the ride was actually pretty good. We had barely any wind and the rain never came down very hard for very long.

We got a very late start again today. We had a chance to sleep in a little since Joe's wife Barb offered to make waffles in the morning. There was no way we were going to pass that one up so we stayed for a fabulous breakfast. After that we took a quick walk down to the shore to check out Lake Superior with Joe and his niece, then back to the house to pack up, and finally stopped at the grocery store on the way out of town. As we were rolling out of the grocery store parking lot I noticed a bike loaded up with panniers so Lucy and I went back to chat with the person.