Last night I did a massive late night overhaul of my Specialized S-Works Enduro and made another time lapse of the work.

It was time to do my early riding season total overhaul of the bike since I finally got the last few things I needed to switch my wheels and brakes over to my new ones. I decided this year to get rid of both my XT wheels and my XT brakes and replace them with a pair of Mavic 819 rims laced to Chris King hubs and a pair of the new XTR brakes with 6 bolt ice-tech rotors. I wanted to experiment with the brakes though and throw my Goodridge brake lines on them despite Shimano telling me they wouldn't work. I also had a full set of FSA chain rings that I wanted to put on since my 22t was worn out and I wanted black ones instead of silver.

On top of installing the new parts I also wanted to check the condition of my pivot bearings and replace any that were bad, overhaul my RC2 cartridge in my fork and check the semi-bath, check the condition of the Float fluid in my shock, do new cables and housing, and just generally clean everything up. It turned into a 6 hour epic in the shop between 9pm and 3am.

Keep reading for the video...

April 27 2012
1Mark FarinaDream Machine (JT Donaldson Mix)0:00:00
2Matt Prehn, Marcia AlvesGlow Dub (Original Dub Mix)0:06:46
3Matt PrehnMy World0:13:30
4EdmundYou Got The Love0:18:25
5Demarkus Lewis, Maxime CescauBig Bird0:23:57
6ArcoRainy Midnight0:29:00
7Johnny FiascoElectric Boogie (Usual's Remix)0:35:10
8Lil Mark, Allegra BandySum Like It Hot (Lil Mark's With Porn Mix)0:41:20
9Gabriel BlackDigital Daydream0:47:43
April 20 2012
1Mousse T.The OHH Song0:00:00
2James CurdWe Just Won't Stop (Instrumental)0:05:30
3Cause & Affect25 Miles (Sonny Fodera's 12" Version)0:11:01
4Lil Mark, Allegra BandyAnytime Insanity feat. Allegra Bandy (Insanely Detuned Dub)0:16:40
5Manuel SahagunRide My Carpet (Mighty Dub Rework)0:20:45
6Jeremy JoshuaEcho Locate0:26:25
7Justin HarrisBlueSkies (Lil' Mark's Chanting Dub)0:31:30
8DJ Mes, Sonny FoderaFlyin0:35:49
9Manuel SahagunDisco 200:41:48
10Warren PaulLove The Way0:47:16
12AnhangueraAnother Sweet Song0:56:25
March 25 2012

It's almost bike season again which means that hopefully I'll have the motivation to put up more bike related content.

To get the year started off I made a time lapse of building a new wheel for my friend Alex.

The build was a Hope single speed hub, on a Mavic 721, DT Competition spokes, brass nipples, and Wheelsmith spoke prep.

Check out the video in the full post...

March 11 2012

Round Two.

This years version of the Nelson Triathlon logo. I was hoping to make it a little bit more graphic based and less text than it had last year but no such luck.

This time around there was a pretty sizable list of requirements as well...

On the 24th of March I'm doing a gig at Vallican Whole out in the Slocan valley. That of course meant that it was time for another party poster.

Unlike every other thing I design I actually knew what I wanted to do with this one before I started. The idea was for something relatively simple but like usual, I spent way more time on it than I should have. My concept for the poster revolved around the event name...

March 03 2012
1Old Educational VideoHow Ears Work0:00:00
2Bryan JonesJazz Box (original)0:00:34
3Jorge Watts, The House InspectorsGroove On0:03:51
4DJ Mes, Sonny FoderaThe Revolution (Dub)0:07:57
5Dominic MartinInsulin0:12:25
6Cosy CreaturesShow U The Way (TSR Remix)0:18:16
7Natural RhythmMy Roots Don't Die0:23:19
8Le BabarK's Theme (JMC ReTwizt)0:29:58
9Will JaxPlay It (House Inspectors Remix)0:35:16
10Corduroy MavericksWerk It Out0:38:34
11GiomInverted Coma0:44:30
12Stan KolevChange (Edmund Remix)0:49:20
13Jeremy JoshuaThe Jazz Room0:55:02
14Bear Who?, The HoodfellasBear Jack Swing (Anhanguera Robooble Swiggle Mix)0:59:58
15GianoThe Underground1:04:46
16FleetsideEllie's House (Club Dub Mix)1:08:48
February 01 2012

January 25th was my 25th Birthday this year and since I don't ever do anything for my birthday I decided that this year should be a little different.

Last year in January I told myself two things. The first was that my next birthday wasn't going to be as lame as my 24th was when I spent a week filming something I don't enjoy for 9 hours a day. The second was that within a year I would get a gig playing at one of the local bars. It seemed that I could check both off at once if I just got a gig playing on my birthday.