In With The New


After about two years of having the same Flash site up as a portfolio I came to the conclusion that it was a pretty useless site for me to have to represent myself. I really have no 'statistics' to back that up with so you'll just have to agree with me. Most of the reason it could be considered useless probably has something to do with the very infrequent updates. The lack of updates probably has to do with the type of content being far too structured and therefore, dull.

My experimental solution to this is to now dive into the type of website so very commonly known as a 'blog'. That's right, I don't plan on doing anything revolutionary at all. Though I do plan on posting random things that I find interesting I do also want to keep things somewhat structured so that the posts don't end up as some kind of gross information soup.

What is my plan then?

Bikes! Bikes! Bikes!

For a while I have wanted to set up something to share information about bicycles. For the past 6 years I have been a mechanic at a few different bike shops and thought it would be worthwhile sharing some of what I have learned along the way.

For the less technically inclined bikers out there, I'm going to post information about trails that I have ridden along with GPS maps and hopefully a few photos when I actually take a few.

DJ Sets

The other main reason for the new site is to have a place to put any DJ sets that I record. Sure I could use SoundCloud or MixCloud for this, which I do, but I would way rather make something that is my own as well.

The idea with the sets is to hopefully turn it into a monthly podcast sort of idea.


Aren't I supposed to be a graphic designer of some sort? No.... well, maybe. Since I'm currently working full time at the bike shop I don't take on too much media work but when I do it will be shown here. I may have said that my old portfolio was useless but really it does still serve some purpose just not on its own. Things that I choose to get promoted from certain posts will get shown on the "design" page of the site.

Random Shit

The potpourri of my blog. We'll see how this one goes. I may post some off topic things every so often. Who knows...


Site Goals?

One of the goals with this site is to make it easy to expand and or modify. I decided to build on the Drupal framework since I have used it for a number of sites in the past and know that it offers far more than I can comprehend.

Having a site that would work on mobile devices was also an objective which is why the old flash site had to be put out to the pasture of a sub-domain on my hosting, never to be looked at again. I still like you Flash, but you and that company that hangs out in the produce section don't seem to see eye to eye.

Another reason for the change was simply because I was sick of my old branding and how the previous site looked. It was time for something new, but more on that in a future post about my new logos in the Design section.


Marcia Braundy - green aminita muscaria

Way cool!