Rebranding v1.0


I'm not sure if I was bored of the simplicity of my old logo but this one got perhaps a little bit overly complicated.

With my old logo just being a combination of circles within circles I thought that the new one should have more of a personal meaning. I can't think of a better way to accomplish that than to have a giant hallucinogenic mushroom as the center piece.
Actually, no. That's not the explanation of it at all.

I wanted to combine some of the things that represent me and as such most of the logo should be fairly straight forward. I started with a chain ring with chains hanging down from it to cover biking, and put some speakers on top to represent music. Pretty obvious so far.

The things in the back are audio equalizer levels. That one may not have been as clear.

But the real question is; why a mushroom? First of all, they're kind of cool. This particular one is based on the fly agaric which is typically red but for my purposes is now green. The fly agaric is a symbol of good luck, and is known for its psychedelic properties. It is also very commonly depicted in different forms of media.
The other reason has to do with the influence that the Mushroom Jazz series of albums from Mark Farina have had on my musical taste for the last decade.

Since this is a little bit too complicated to work well as a logo, it will be used more for posters, album art for sets, etc.