New Years 2011 Poster


My old roommate Kyle and I had a New Years party last year. I decided to make an event poster to give the night a bit of a club feel and really wanted to try doing something with really bright gradient colors with some kind of interesting lighting. A few tutorials later and I had some ideas what to do and went at it.

After coming up with the basic idea for graphics, I laid out the type the way I wanted to and got a few copies printed to put up at work and friends houses and decided that some handout versions were required.

I whipped up a quick handout card and started distributing them to friends, trying to be careful to keep it limited so we didn't get too many random people showing up. We filled the living room with lights and had a projector to do visuals with. Unfortunately the visuals fell through since one of my friends couldn't make it but we did end up broadcasting the entire party live online.

All in all it turned out pretty well with a pretty good size crowd while staying at a totally managable number. This party made me decide that any party we had in the future would have to have some kind of event poster or invite card designed. I doubt it actually had any influence on getting people to show up but it was definitely fun to make.