February 01 2012
1HannaDesign, Concept And Fashion0:00:00
2EdmundThe Bell0:05:54
3Troydon and DecostaNew York Minute0:09:59
4Boogie Rapture3am Eternal (Nathan G Luvbug Re-Rub)0:14:54
6James CurdSweet Sammy0:23:09
7The Sound ProjectPimp0:28:29
8Chuck LoveHow We Get Down (Chuck Love Network Rework)0:33:23
10Corduroy MavericksFeel That Way0:43:25
11Inland KnighsDo It Again0:47:47
12EdmundTrue Love0:53:05
13Jimmy ChronicBeans (Swirl People Remix)0:57:51

Every year in February Nelson hosts the Coldsmoke Powder Festival. Coldsmoke is all about backcountry skiing and snowboarding and celebrates the sports with all sorts of competitions, events, and clinics. One of the competitions each year has been a photography contest but due to a very well done stopmotion video that was submitted for Coldsmoke 2010, they decided to open up the format for 2011 to be a multimedia contest.

Somehow, my name got thrown out there to be a contestant (thanks Nichola) which was quite surprising to me since video isn't necessarily my strong point. The details for the contest was to make a video over the course of 1 month with a team of up to 4 people. It had to be around 5 minutes long with the theme of "Good and Evil". I called up a few friends to join me and had Shane and Kamala take me up on the offer. 

We were stoked to take part but knew we were some serious underdogs since we don't have much of a video production background. There was also one other snag that we came across which is that none of us ski or snowboard. I used to teach snowboarding and had ridden for probably 10 or 12 years but hadn't really been on my board in the last few seasons. I also only had a park board to ride which proved to really suck on anything but hard snow.

December 31 2011
1Invaders From SpaceMovie Sample0:00:00
2DJ SneakKaotika (original)0:00:31
3Gregg AshleyEspresso (Jon Allegros Re-Perculation)0:04:10
4PaceHow Good (Pussy 2000 Filtered Dub)0:08:26
5Tommy LargoDreams And Hopes (Mark & Stevens Mix)0:12:28
6UneaqJust Move (Uneaq's Party Wrecker Mix)0:18:33
7South Of RooseveltThis Is How It Is0:23:37
8Oscar P, Gianluca PighiPimp Mobile (Sonny Fodera Mix)0:29:35
9Chanson EChicago Kiss0:34:42
10Dimitri MaxWaffles (Jason Hodges Maple Dub)0:40:53
11DJ Mes, Sonny FoderaWanna Do0:46:14
12Gene Farris, RussoulDance Warriors (Sonny Fodera Remix)0:51:18
13Joss MoogForever Pimpin'0:55:52
14Inland KnightsNot Crazey1:01:05
15Jazzy EyewearThe Renaissance (Les Loups' 1979 Remix)1:05:57
December 15 2011

For their 25th anniversary, the West Kootenay French Association (AFKO) wanted to re-brand themselves. We needed to do something that could be read easily at really small sized and could be printed cheaply without looking horrible. It looked like another font based logo was going to be the answer since an icon didn't fit the bill. However, at the same time I wanted to incorporate some graphic elements to add more visual interest.

The question for me was how to incorporate something French, something Kootenay, and a bunch of text  into an interesting image.

December 12 2011

With no plans for April Fools this year all of the old roommates decided that we should have a party. After throwing around ideas for a theme for an evening we settled on having an "anything but clothes" party which became the "No Pants April Fools".

Of course, this one was going to have invitations to follow along with our No Expectations New Years party but what does one put on an invitation for a No Pants party? Well, you take pictures of your one female roommate without pants on of course.

Every summer Nelson hosts a triathlon with a very bizarre name, the Cyswog 'n' Fun Nelson Triathlon. If I had to take a guess I can only assume that it is an abbreviation for CYcle SWim jOG but I really have no idea.

Regardless of the strange and questionable origins of the name of this event, I got asked to design them a logo.

Back when I was in school the music program asked me a few times to do some stuff for them. This time I was asked to do the usual photos down in the studio on the green screen, since they seem to love the green screen for some reason.

I guess they were planning one of their year end shows and had put together a Beatles tribute band. They wanted to take the background from the original Abbey Road cover and replace the original band with the music students instead. Somehow I got suckered into doing the poster as well at the chaotic time that I was trying to finish my graduating projects.

December 12 2011

Old poster that I did while I was in school to raise awareness for H1N1 (aka Swine Flu). We did these as a class project and they got posted around the Selkirk campuses. Yeah this is old, but I still like it for some reason so thought I'd repost it. Besides, who doesn't want to see me melting and dripping and surrounded by some kind of disease cloud anyway.