This week I finished up a project that I have been thinking about since I started the model boat.

I wanted to make a shelf/display case to show off the boat and whatever other junk I felt like displaying. Since I have no woodworking tools I thought it would be interesting to make a frame out of copper pipe and copper fittings with shelves made from simple cuts of lumber.

December 20 2012

It was probably around the start of October that I was talking to Kamala saying that we needed to make some art for our living room. For some reason she responded with something along the lines of:

"I think it would be cool to have a wooden model ship on the wall instead a painting."

For some reason I agreed to this but decided that we shouldn't buy a complete model; instead we should go on Great Hobbies and try to find a kit that we liked. Being stubborn as I am, it just seemed lame to buy a premade boat. Our first thought was to build an old warship, the Bounty, but quickly realized that that was going to be far too time consuming and maybe a little out of our ability. We toned back our initial excitement a little and decided on building a 1/65 scale Bluenose from Billing Boats. The kit was on sale at the time so I pulled the trigger and ordered it.

That was the start of me having no life for the following 8 weeks.

October 11 2012

At the start of September, Kamala and I took a small vacation to Banff to be tourists and get out of town for a few days. Going to Banff is always a little strange for me since I lived there for 2 years. It's a nice place to visit but after two years there I had gotten my fill of it and don't have any desire to live there again. That's probably just me being overly cynical though; I do have some awesome friends there still and it is a beautiful place after all.

Since Kamala had not been there since she was really young we thought it would be a good place to go to relax since I could play tour guide and show her some of the cool places to see. We came up with a pretty packed list of places to see and restaurants to go to in the 4 days that we had off.

October 10 2012

My friend Randy Richmond runs a few trail running races throughout the year and decided to step up his advertising a little bit this season.

He called me at work and needed some quick and dirty event posters done for each of his events.

October 10 2012

This year the cycling club decided to do a website to promote the Nelson Fat Tire Festival. The goal was to promote the event easier to people in Nelson and to try to draw more participants from the nearby communities by making information more available.

The festival is a 3 day event that is held near the end of the summer each year in memory of Cam Alexander, a fellow cyclist who lost his life. Over the 3 days there are kids races, a dirt jump jam, downhill and XC races, and other events downtown.

October 08 2012

Back at the end of August I was chatting with one of my friends from the shop, Con Diamond, about getting out for a night ride. Con is an awesome riding buddy for a few reasons; he likes to do random missions of rides that most people wouldn't be into, and he's retired so he's pretty easy to schedule a ride with. (He's also just a really cool guy in general)

Our mission for this ride was decided to be the Vallelujah loop out at Smallwood just outside of town but at night.

September 06 2012
1Gion, Lucas (IT)Rising0:00:00
2Warren PaulLove The Way0:07:06
3Le BabarK's Groove (Flapjackers Dig This Groove Mix)0:11:48
4Jorge Watts, The House InspectorsKitty Kat0:17:29
5GianoKing Of The Scene0:23:16
6Jason Hodges, William AlexanderOur World (Main Mix)0:28:05
7Brian SnrGot It Going On (Brian's Dirty Bargroove Mix)0:34:14
8MarcapasosOne Day (Sofa Tunes Remix)0:38:45
9RhymosCancel Reality (Jordan Peak Remix)0:43:26
10Gene Farris, CajmereMars Bar0:49:04
11Murray Richardson, Paul Hardy, MckaiMemory Loss (Paul Hardy & Mckai Remix)0:54:44
12Wally Callerio, LurobJoliet Cherise0:59:58
13GianoLesson In Time1:05:03
14UneaqVelvet Sunrise1:09:37
15Kerri ChandlerWelcome To King Street1:15:47
June 04 2012
1EdmundInside Of My Head0:00:00
2The Sound RepublicUp The Councile (Left Minded Mix)0:06:13
3GianoSnikle Fritz (Busy's Contact Buzz)0:12:13
4Sidney Charles, Sven KerkhoffYa Know The Game0:18:08
5GionBeginners Ballet0:24:15
6Flapjackers, Eva TDeep House Girl0:29:51
8Roy Davis JrAbout Love (Solid Groove Remix)0:40:19
9Mark FarinaBringin It Back (GLA Mix)0:45:58