May 20 2015

A few weeks ago I went up Mountain Station in Nelson with my friend Sky. We wanted to get a couple shots of him riding before he moved away from town for the Summer. We started near the top of Eli Sim and were planning on working our way down the trail doing a combo of stills and video as we went. Things started off pretty well and it was super impressive watching just how fast he could get through gnarly sections of the trail. By about the fourth or fifth section while we were getting some shots of him slashing a burm he blew out of the corner and I received a face full of his front tire. The tire hit my lens which then smashed the camera into my face resulting in an almost immediate black eye and a smashed lens hood. That cut the day a little bit short for doing any more photos but thankfully no major damage was caused to either of us or the camera.

March 15 2015

Since getting some remote triggers for my speedlights Kamala and I have tried doing a couple of portrait sessions. I'm not going to bother rambling about the setup for any of these shots since they have been more experimental than calculated. The one thing that I can say is that introducing more off camera lighting into my photos has made the whole process a lot more interesting. With any luck each set of photos I post I'll have learned something new and hopefully improved somehow.

February 05 2015

Kamala wanted a new alter to put her deities in for doing her morning and evening chanting. It seemed like that was a good excuse to pick up some woodworking tools, learn how to use SketchUp, and make a first attempt at building some wood furniture.

Kamala decided to buy me a skill saw for annual gift giving day in December. We agreed to exchange gifts a few months early and celebrated Christober (Christmas in October) instead so that we could get started. As luck would have it Canadian Tire was having a large tool sale at the same time so I picked up a new router, cordless drill, saw horses, and jigsaw as well. Now armed with a few tools that weren't exactly ideal for building a 'fine woodworking' project I just had to figure out how to use them and draft up a plan in SketchUp.

A post of things to look at and not much to read. Here are some photos from around town from the last 2 months. Most are in Nelson, some were taken at Whitewater

October 18 2014

This is just a bit of a photo summary of the trip and some additional photos from my time at my parents' house. I don't feel like writing much for this post so have fun just looking at the photos.

Today was immensely irritating. I was hoping once again to make it further today and get to my parents house later this evening but once again the weather didn't want to play nicely. I was on the bike at 7:30 so that I could get to the south end of Manitoulin Island to the ferry terminal for the morning ferry. The ride down the island was 65km of non stop strong winds. I had hopes that when I got to the main land that the wind would be in my favor. No such luck. It was probably the strongest cross and head wind that I have had yet and it took everything I had to keep above 20km/h.