June 20 2014

A few weeks back, Kamala and a few of our friends went for a weekend camping trip out at Pilot Bay. Pilot Bay is a small provincial park that is on the main part of Kootenay Lake near the town of Crawford Bay. Kamala and I decided to ride our road bikes out to the park and walk them in the roughly 2km trail to the campsite. Apparently that wasn't quite as easy as planned but ended up being worth the effort.

For the past two seasons I had been riding a 2012 Specialized Venge Expert. It was a good bike. It was fast and fun but seemed to lack any sense of adventure. I bought it because it was a super good deal and it was my first road bike so I didn't really want to spend a whole ton but wanted something that would perform well. 

After the first year riding the Venge I got a better idea of what I wanted out of a road bike. By the end of the second season I had planned its replacement. I wanted a bike that I could do it all on. Similar to my Enduro, I wanted a bike that was a bit of a Swiss Army knife, a one road bike quiver.

April 13 2014
1Aaron RossNuthin' But Style (Giom Remix)00:00:00
2Tyree Cooper, Alex ArnoutOne Nation feat. Tyree Cooper (Original Mix)00:05:43
3Sean MurrayHood St (Da Sunlounge Remix)00:10:56
4Cajmere, Dajae, Oliver $We Can Make It (Original MIx)00:16:24
5FedjaNew Beginnings (Original Mix)00:22:45
6Chanson EWashington Square (Remix 2)00:26:24
7Lurob, Sharon BuckEverything Is High (Original Mix)00:32:07
8James DexterButtons (Original Mix)00:36:56
9Cajmere, Sonny FoderaCO2 Vapor (Original Mix)00:40:53
10Cajmere, Sonny FoderaYou're The One (Original Mix)00:45:46
11Inland KnightsBounce (Original Mix)00:49:44
12FedjaDecoding (Original Mix)00:54:25
13Phil WeeksPortrait In Jazz (Original Mix)00:59:07
14Trickski, Soul ClapMembers Of The Clap (Original Mix)01:04:00
April 12 2014

Krestova loop is a short loop in Crescent Valley that goes up Krestova Road and back down Pass Creek road. It's a pretty small loop where the majority of the ride involves getting from Nelson to there. 

This post really serves no purpose. However, regardless of that fact, I'm going to play 'show and tell' and put up some pictures of my new mountain bike because it is pretty sick.

I sold my previous S-Works Enduro and decided to build up another one with an absurd part spec.

May 20 2013
1Jesus PabloThe Story So Far00:00:00
2GiomHot Rabbits (Spiritchaser Remix)00:06:08
3ArcoJust Cool00:12:26
4Phil Weeks, Hector Moralez, Fries & BridgesJust Because00:16:22
5Don SizzleI Think I'm00:21:01
6ArcoSexy Thang00:27:10
7Chuck LoveAssemble Your Crew (Fourfeet Remix)00:32:32
8Lil MarkTokyo (James Curd Remix)00:36:07
9Da Sunlounge, Sara ZBeen Here From The Start00:39:58
10Carlo Gambino, Nick DevonSay What? (Nick Devon Remix)00:44:16
11Lucas (IT)Boogie Burning00:49:53
12Evren UlusoyDearly Devoted (Gorge's Classic Remix)00:55:05
13Phil Weeks, Joss MoogThe Things I Love (Vox Mix)00:59:12

I had the opportunity to make the new version of the Nelson Mountain Bike Guide over the winter. The old version had been out for about four years and was definitely in need of a facelift; that and the club was almost sold out of copies.

I was stoked to be asked to create the new version since I have a pretty good handle on where the trails in this area are and because I have the ability to do all of the graphics. I also had a few ideas of where I could make some improvements from the old issue.