Rebranding v1.1 - My new logo


Here in version 1.1 things have been simplified quite a bit. No more fancy gradient mesh, no more depth of any sort really. But what is the deal with doing another logo already?

This one can actually be used on things like business cards and be shown at small sizes. I'm not sticking with a set color scheme for it either so that it is more versatile depending what it is going on.

I really wanted to have a text based logo with a very simple mark but I didn't want to use a downloaded font like I have for every other logo I have done. It was about time to finally make my own characters for my name. It took an entire page of densly scribbled ideas for letter shapes in my notebook before I decided on the right amount of crisp lines and soft corners without looking pillowy. Yes, pillowy is now a word. I'm pretty happy with how the letters fit together without being too cramped like a graffiti tag as well. Of course, this one had to have mushrooms attached to the end of it just to tie in with the other logo I did for myself.