Wiarton to Meaford ON - Day 25 - Final Day

Cross Canada Cycle Tour
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27*, humid, some wind
"She answered and looked completely shocked."

A bit of a delayed update on the last day of the ride but I've been too busy doing family things the last few days.

The last day was definitely pretty easy. I only had about 60km to get from Wiarton to Meaford. It looked like there was a pretty severe storm blowing in so I wanted to get home in the early afternoon. I was on the bike by 9:30 and only had a bit of headwind for the first half of the ride to Owen Sound. From there on the wind was in my favor and after a few hills you reach a height of land at which point the last almost 15km are down hill into Meaford. It definitely was a nice finish to the trip when at the height of land I could see Georgian Bay on the horizon, the wind was at my back, the sun was out, and I just needed to coast down a long hill into town. I arrived with good weather but a heavy storm did blow in later in the evening and knocked out the power for about 5 hours.

I pulled into my parent's house at noon and with my phone in hand to take a photo of mom when I knocked on the door. She answered and looked completely shocked. After explaining three times that I had in fact ridden my bike from Nelson she finally believed me.

The next day we headed toward Toronto to go to my aunt's house for lunch. As it turns out it was for my grandma's 87th birthday and one of my cousins who I haven't seen in about 15 years was up visiting as well. It was a bit of a family reunion and they were all surprised to see me. I'm glad I hitchhiked through Manitoba and was able to make it home sooner to be able to visit my relatives.

Lucy was only a day behind me on her ride and was going to be passing through Meaford so I offered her a place to stay. She took the scenic route into Meaford since she had great weather and pulled into town around the same time that we were getting back from my aunt's. It was nice to have her drop by since we didn't really have a proper goodbye when we split off before Sault Ste Marie. We set her off the next morning full of crepes with blueberry sauce and fresh zucchini muffins. After chatting for a while she headed off and it felt like my trip was officially complete. It was definitely an adventure, not one that I think I would repeat on my own.

Depending on how the weather looks I'm going to try to get some road riding in before I fly home. I'm looking forward to riding my bike with fast tires and no 70lb trailer.

The glorious final descent into Meaford

A very surprised mother.


chris desjardins - away from internet

Hi Blair; Glad to see you made it. I've been away from internet action. Camping in the bush and senior games in Langley. Technically I had wifi in Langley but I was busy down there. I was thinking about your trip though and have to admit that you must have had some of the worst possible weather. We had an awesome summer and its still continuing. Great pictures and wonderful commentary, you gave a real feel for the trip. Chris

Blair - Back in Paradise

Hey Chris, thanks for following along. I feel like I should have tried to write a little more, but I'm glad that my concise commentary was enough to give you a feel for the trip. I'm now back to paradise in Nelson, we should head out for a ride before it gets as cold here as the rest of the country has been.