Little Current to Wiarton ON - Day 24

Cross Canada Cycle Tour
Stats of the Day
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Elevation Gain: 
Average Speed: 
Max Speed: 
26*, insane wind
"I was nuked once again and crawled my way into Wiarton with everything I had left."

Today was immensely irritating. I was hoping once again to make it further today and get to my parents house later this evening but once again the weather didn't want to play nicely. I was on the bike at 7:30 so that I could get to the south end of Manitoulin Island to the ferry terminal for the morning ferry. The ride down the island was 65km of non stop strong winds. I had hopes that when I got to the main land that the wind would be in my favor. No such luck. It was probably the strongest cross and head wind that I have had yet and it took everything I had to keep above 20km/h. I was nuked once again and crawled my way into Wiarton with everything I had left. It was pretty frustrating being so close to home but completely running out of time and energy to get there. At least my last day will be a short one with only 60km, but it looks like the wind is forecasted to be insane again with rain off and on during the day. I'm certainly glad this is almost over. For the first time in this trip my body feels pretty beat down and could use a rest.

South Baymouth ferry landing

The ferry pulling in

On the ferry

On the ferry

Near Tobermory

lighthouse near Tobermory


Jennifer - I know that the Ps will be shocked to see you!

Just got onto your blog. Friggin amazing! I missed you by a week. :( I'll call in a couple of days. Auntie Jennifer xo