Sault Ste. Marie to past Blind River ON - Day 22

Cross Canada Cycle Tour
Stats of the Day
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Elevation Gain: 
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26*, sunny and tailwind!
"...fought my way out of the death maze that is city traffic"

After waking up in my swanky hotel room at 6:30 and stuffing as much of their complementary breakfast into myself as I could I packed up to get out of the city. I was on the road by 8:30 and fought my way out of the death maze that is city traffic on the first school day of the year. I had a pretty large day to do at 150km and the morning wasn't as fast as I had hoped. At least half of the ride I had a slight tail wind which seems to make all the difference and I cruised my way to a campground past Blind River. Despite being a larger distance today I only felt slightly punched by the end of it and got to the campground by 3:30 with groceries in hand. That at least gave me several hours to lazily shower, set up camp, cook, clean, and relax. I'm having a debate with myself if I want to stick with my plan for tomorrow and do an easier day, do one as long as today, or do a stupid long one. I guess it will depend on how the wind is feeling and if my legs feel like crushing another highway or not. I should really just stick to my original plan but I'm so close to arriving at my parents I almost want to do it in two monstrous days instead of three sensible ones. We'll see how this all plays out tomorrow.

near Thessalon

at the campground

Making dinner by the lake

not a bad spot to camp

After dinner sunset