I decided to take the longer route through Swift Current to get to Ponteix today because I had heard that the road was better going that way. I'm not sure of it was worth the extra 30km since the road South from Swift Current was super hilly. Today just seemed to drag on especially because I spend most of my day riding South in a cross wind. The tediousness isn't helped by the feeling that the scenery is on loop. I am happy that the weather was nice today. I'm glad I didn't get soaked.

Today was another fairly easy ride. There was a good tailwind the entire way to Gull Lake. That was definitely a good thing since no sooner did I get my tent set up than it started to rain. It rained lightly for a couple minutes and on my way back from getting groceries it just got harder. I managed to jump back in the tent right before the sky fully unleashed its fury for about an hour and a half. Thankfully it blew over and this evening looks like it should be okay. I just really hope I don't have to pack up camp in the rain.

The ride to Irvine was pretty uneventful. The roads were good and I had a tail wind the entire way. I took a detour into Medicine Hat to grab lunch since I figured it might be the last city for a bit that would serve something other than redneck cuisine. Back on the road to Irvine went alright, but in Irvine was an odd adventure.

The ride to Taber went pretty well. The roads were wet from the previous day and even though it looked like I was going to get trapped in another storm, it never ended up happening. The crappy weather and rough roads the previous days did some damage to my trailer wheel bearings. I ended up stopping in at a shop in Lethbridge where they kindly gave me a stand to use and let me fix everything up. By the time I got out of the shop it was getting late and the weather was starting to look pretty crappy. I made it into Taber around 6:15 and found a camp spot just outside of town.

I knew I was going to get rained on at some point today. I was also warned about the wind in Sparwood. Thankfully the wind never got too strong but the rain more than made up for it. The climb to the top of Crowsnest Pass wasn't particularly challenging. By the time I reached the top the temperature had dropped to 13* and the rain started pouring down.

It feels like I might be starting to break into this ride now. After a good meal for breakfast, lunch, and dinner I finally have energy left at the end of the day. It also really helps that I had the fortune of getting in touch with some old acquaintances from Nelson who are very generously letting me stay at their house tonight, fed me, and have been exceptionally giving. Thanks Mike and Madi.

Today was another challenging day. There is definitely more climbing than descending from Creston to Cranbrook. Instead of dealing with blazing heat today I dealt with almost 80km of off and on rain, headwind, and truck drivers that seemed to want to run me over.

Today was not exactly an easy start to my trip. I didn't get everything packed the night before like I wanted to so this morning I was in a panic to figure out how to get everything into my trailer. I definitely have way too much crammed into it right now since I'm pretty sure everything inside is about 60lbs.