Wawa to Montreal River Harbour ON - Day 20

Cross Canada Cycle Tour
Stats of the Day
Time Riding: 
Elevation Gain: 
Average Speed: 
Max Speed: 
20*, overcast
"...but overall I was fairly underwhelmed."

Karin treated us to breakfast and a packed lunch for our ride through the park. It was difficult to leave her place. She was such an interesting lady, I easily could have stayed there for another few days. It's times like that which make me wish I had more time to hang out and explore different towns.

The ride through Lake Superior Provincial Park is apparently one of the top 10 scenic drives in Canada. If that's the case, the top 9 must be in BC. There were certainly some nice sections, but overall I was fairly underwhelmed. Maybe it was just because of the grey skies.

We pushed on through to the other end and stopped in Montreal River Harbor at a campground that has cabins. We opted for one of the cabins to make our lives easier for the night. I would have been happy with tenting as well since it was actually a pretty nice night. Pretty much as soon as we walked into the cabin the sky started to clear up. It was one of the very few nights on this trip that the sky was clear enough to watch the sun go down. It ended up being the most scenic place of the day. As we sat on the beach near our cabin we ended up meeting two families that we chatted with for a few hours. It turned into a pretty decent day.

Lucy and Karin