We had a late start to our day today. I was probably up around 7:00 but the fog had rolled in pretty thick into Terrace Bay. Lucy and I decided to wait a bit to see if it would burn off a bit so that we would be more visible to traffic. It was thick enough that the road right in front of the motel wasn't very clear. I think it was getting close to 10:45 when we finally started pedaling. Within 5 minutes of riding we were out of it so we felt a bit silly having waited so long when it was clearly just isolated to right over the town.

Today's ride was actually quite awesome. I was warned about how hilly it was going to be and even though there were a few big climbs none of them were nearly as bad as the elevation profile on Google maps made it look. I actually had a tailwind all day and the temperature though cool was perfect to ride in.

I got a pretty late start today since I slept in longer than usual. I wasn't out of the campground until about 9:45 and decided to take a different route than the trans Canada for as much of the ride as I could. I ended up riding some rural road into Thunder Bay then dropped south of the highway after Thunder Bay onto a road that followed the lakefront a little more. Both turned out to be fantastic roads that were in great shape and had little traffic. The first 90km were awesome with wind at my back for a change. Once I stopped for lunch the

The ride from Atikokan to Kakabeka Falls was freaking big. It was about 180km and was very windy. About 65km in I wasn't sure if I was going to make it. Somehow I managed to zone out and pull through but it was still about an 8 hour day of pedaling. Of course it didn't help that there was a time zone change part way which made me lose an hour. By the time I had finished the ride, bought groceries, and rolled into the provincial park it was after 5pm. That makes for a very rushed campsite assembly and dinner prep. After a long phone call with Kamala I ended up going to bed pretty late.

Guess what, it poured rain and there was a fairly strong headwind once again. Pretty much the entire 150km today was a pain in the butt. Thankfully it only felt tedious for the last 50km and the scenery in Ontario makes things more enjoyable. Though the rolling hills do suck up more of energy than the flats at least there is more protection from the trees to block some of the wind at times. Also, even though there hasn't been much of a shoulder so far on the road, the pavement quality is drastically better than Saskatchewan was.

Yesterday's ride started out pretty poorly. Again I was fighting a moderate headwind trying to ride the 150km into Souris MB. The wind was keeping my speed below 20km/h for most of the ride so it was quite frustrating knowing that I wasn't making much progress. Add to that the terrible road conditions, large sections with a 6"drop off of the white line onto a gravel shoulder, trucks blowing me all over the place and spraying me with rocks and I was less than pleased. Looking ahead at the weather it looked like I was pretty certainly going to get rained on all the way out of Manitoba.

Yesterday I was originally going to do a 160km ride into Weyburn. I was pretty sure I was going to get rained on camping so I decided to attempt a double day and get into Carlyle instead so that I could get a hotel and take a rest day today. The last 100km did in fact give me more rain but thankfully it was pretty light. It was only light for half of that time though. About 60km from Carlyle I started to get soaked again. I kept going until I was about 30km away and decided to try hitching a ride again. Pretty shortly after stopping I got picked up and dropped off at the hotel.

Today was supposed to be a rest day with a bit shorter distance than the past few days. The wind didn't agree with that plan. All day I had cross and head winds that kept my speed down to what felt like a crawl, sure it could have been worse, but it was still frustrating. On the plus side it didn't rain, the road was quite nice, traffic was great, and I still got to my planned destination. With that said, I'm still looking forward to getting out of Saskatchewan. It is a lame province. That would be part of the reason why I didn't take a single riding photo today.