Cyswog 'n' Fun logo


Round Two.

This years version of the Nelson Triathlon logo. I was hoping to make it a little bit more graphic based and less text than it had last year but no such luck.

This time around there was a pretty sizable list of requirements as well...

How much can you put in one logo?

The spec list:

  1. Full name "Cyswog 'n' Fun
  2. 30th anniversary
  3. Two Colours
  4. Web address
  5. Date
  6. Graphic of 3 triathlon diciplines
  7. Graphic of Bridge
  8. Has to work on a dark background

It was obviously going to have to be mostly text again. Only having two colours meant that gradients and shadowing weren't going to work so I was going to have to keep it flat. I chose to base the logo on the text and just do a typographic layout and accent it with the graphics that were required. It was a bit of a puzzle trying to figure out where to put all of the text and images while keeping it balanced and not too cluttered. As usual, it always seems so simple when it's done.

I still would have preferred to do a more icon based design without as much text but considering what all was required to go in this one I think it turned out alright. It's certainly isn't the most creative design but it gets the job done.