25th Birthday Party

Event Poster

January 25th was my 25th Birthday this year and since I don't ever do anything for my birthday I decided that this year should be a little different.

Last year in January I told myself two things. The first was that my next birthday wasn't going to be as lame as my 24th was when I spent a week filming something I don't enjoy for 9 hours a day. The second was that within a year I would get a gig playing at one of the local bars. It seemed that I could check both off at once if I just got a gig playing on my birthday.

After a few emails to The Royal and some help from my friend Brad I had Tuesday the 24th booked to play for "Magic Bus" which is their weekly electronic night. With 2 weeks before the event I had to do some rapid promotion of this so that it wouldn't flop. After work the next day I started designing a poster and handout invitation card to spam around town. They were printed on my following day off from the shop and I handed out 60 cards the first day. After two weeks of spamming about 150 of them and several posters around town along with a Facebook event I really had no idea what to expect from the night. It was, after all, a Tuesday night in January. 

I rolled in and did sound check at 8:30ish and hung out with friends for a while before starting a 4 hour set. As expected I was playing to an almost empty bar for the first hour and a bit. Thankfully I had some early friends who hung out for the beginning since there isn't much more demotivating than playing to an empty room. Around 11 the place started to get going and for a while the dance floor had a healthy population of people getting their dance on. We shut the place down at 1:30 when it got quiet and overall it turned out to be a pretty solid night.

I'll be trying to get another night going soon