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Banff Mini Vacation Photos


At the start of September, Kamala and I took a small vacation to Banff to be tourists and get out of town for a few days. Going to Banff is always a little strange for me since I lived there for 2 years. It's a nice place to visit but after two years there I had gotten my fill of it and don't have any desire to live there again. That's probably just me being overly cynical though; I do have some awesome friends there still and it is a beautiful place after all.

Since Kamala had not been there since she was really young we thought it would be a good place to go to relax since I could play tour guide and show her some of the cool places to see. We came up with a pretty packed list of places to see and restaurants to go to in the 4 days that we had off.

While we didn't get quite everything done on the list that we had we got pretty close. I wanted to show Kamala the waterfalls at Johnson Canyon since it's an easy hike with some awesome views. She wanted to check out Lake Louise and Moraine Lake. I thought we should go up the gondola for sunset and check out the Banff Springs Hotel. For some reason she really wanted to see mountain goats and sheep. I happened to know where there are pretty much always sheep hanging around that were used to people but not where there were any goats.

We also planned on doing a sunrise photo mission on Tunnel Mountain to get the sun coming up over the hoodoos but we couldn't get our lazy asses out of bed early enough. I think that may have been the only thing on our list that we didn't do so overall we considered it a successful trip.

The Schedule of What We Actually Did


  • Leave Nelson early, stop at a few rest stops along the way to check out some sights going through Cranbrook and Invermere way
  • Drive around Lake Minniwanka when we arrive in Banff before going to the hotel
  • Check in to the hotel then walk around town
  • Head to Athena Pizza for the best pizza in Banff and visit some old friends


  • Go to Johnson Canyon and hike to the ink pots
  • Drive along old Bow Valley Parkway to Lake Louise
  • Check out Lake Louise and Moraine Lake
  • Back to Banff and go to Coyotes for dinner


  • Go out for breakfast, shop in Banff
  • Shop in Canmore
  • Eat at Nourish in Banff (awesome vegetarian restaurant)
  • Head up the gondola for sunset
  • Walk around in the Banff Springs Hotel


  • Head up Norquay to find some sheep to take photos of
  • Go back to Lake Louise to see if we could get better pictures
  • Leave Alberta and drive back through Revelstoke