Kakabeka Falls to near Nipigon ON -Day 15

Cross Canada Cycle Tour
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23*, overcast
"I'm getting into what is supposed to be the hilliest area for the next few days"

I got a pretty late start today since I slept in longer than usual. I wasn't out of the campground until about 9:45 and decided to take a different route than the trans Canada for as much of the ride as I could. I ended up riding some rural road into Thunder Bay then dropped south of the highway after Thunder Bay onto a road that followed the lakefront a little more. Both turned out to be fantastic roads that were in great shape and had little traffic. The first 90km were awesome with wind at my back for a change. Once I stopped for lunch the
weather changed though and the last 40km were definitely a strong headwind again.

The campground that I'm at used to have a cafe and a bit of a general store. Unfortunately they no longer do and there was nowhere near by to get groceries. Luckily the couple that own it live on the property and have a large veggie garden. They sold me some food out of their own fridge and let me pick what I wanted from the garden for just a couple of bucks. I was stoked.

Tomorrow is not a super long day but I'm getting into what is supposed to be the hilliest area for the next few days. Fingers crossed that the wind and sun decide to play on my team.

After Thunder Bay

Mmmmmm. Veggie garden

Stir fry and quinoa


Ross McNamara - Nice Garden

I love the commentary and the photo essay. Keep it up Blair, its awesome! Hopefully the scenery keeps you energized! Thanks for keeping us up to date! r

kamala - garden

I want that garden :)