Ponteix to Assiniboia SK - Day 9

Cross Canada Cycle Tour
Stats of the Day
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33*, sun and cloud
"It is a lame province"

Today was supposed to be a rest day with a bit shorter distance than the past few days. The wind didn't agree with that plan. All day I had cross and head winds that kept my speed down to what felt like a crawl, sure it could have been worse, but it was still frustrating. On the plus side it didn't rain, the road was quite nice, traffic was great, and I still got to my planned destination. With that said, I'm still looking forward to getting out of Saskatchewan. It is a lame province. That would be part of the reason why I didn't take a single riding photo today.

Ponteix sunrise



chris desjardins - pictures

Hi Blair; Captivating trip. You're blazing the way for my own dream of riding across Canada and making it seem that much more a reality. Could you post the odd picture of your camp set up. I think pictures of yourself and bike would put a more personal touch to the wonderful scenery pictures also. Saskatchewan may be a lame Province but your photos captured some of the beauty of it. Can't wait til the next postings. Thank you. Chris

Blair - I'll certainly try to take

I'll certainly try to take some more for you Chris. Some days I definitely spend too much time looking at my bike computer and not looking around enough or stopping to take photos. I'll take some of my next campsite. Tomorrow is a rest day so the next campsite should be Friday night in Manitoba, provided it isn't pouring rain again

Shane - bike computer?

What the hell is on the bike computer that's so interesting? You reading articles and such as you bike? lol ;)