Terrace Bay to Marathon ON - Day 17

Cross Canada Cycle Tour
Stats of the Day
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Elevation Gain: 
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17*, mixed wind
"...the fog had rolled in pretty thick into Terrace Bay"

We had a late start to our day today. I was probably up around 7:00 but the fog had rolled in pretty thick into Terrace Bay. Lucy and I decided to wait a bit to see if it would burn off a bit so that we would be more visible to traffic. It was thick enough that the road right in front of the motel wasn't very clear. I think it was getting close to 10:45 when we finally started pedaling. Within 5 minutes of riding we were out of it so we felt a bit silly having waited so long when it was clearly just isolated to right over the town. That was no big deal though since it was a short day of only around 80km and not as much climbing as the previous day. We took our time getting to Marathon with several little breaks. There weren't too many points of interest to stop at but we did come across one particularly nice view point that wasn't marked. We stopped and chatted with a nice guy from the territories that was driving back north and got some photos as a train rolled through.

In the spring in Nelson I had meet a man named Joe who lives here in Marathon. He very kindly invited me to spend the night at his house with him and his wife which is where we are right now. Joe rode out of town and met us probably 20km from town and escorted us to his house. That lead to another night of great conversation and a fabulous meal. Friday looks like it will be pretty hit or miss with the weather so well see how it goes.

can't remember the name of this spot

There were lots of these little ponds/lakes along the way

we stopped at a view point that wasn't marked

then a train went through

same train.