Assiniboia SK to Carlyle SK - Day 10

Cross Canada Cycle Tour
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Overcast then rain
"I guess that explains my bad luck with the weather"

Yesterday I was originally going to do a 160km ride into Weyburn. I was pretty sure I was going to get rained on camping so I decided to attempt a double day and get into Carlyle instead so that I could get a hotel and take a rest day today. The last 100km did in fact give me more rain but thankfully it was pretty light. It was only light for half of that time though. About 60km from Carlyle I started to get soaked again. I kept going until I was about 30km away and decided to try hitching a ride again. Pretty shortly after stopping I got picked up and dropped off at the hotel. The guy who picked me up said that this year has been the one of the wettest ones in Manitoba and Saskatchewan. I guess that explains my bad luck with the weather.

I'm really hoping that when I get back on the bike tomorrow I'll be feeling a little more rested and that things start getting a little easier through Manitoba and Ontario. At this point I'm feeling pretty bummed out about how this is all going for various reasons and have been trying to come up with a few bail out options.

Comfortable campsite in Carlyle


Ross McNamara - Don't Balil out!

Don't bail out man! You will be so satisfied that you did tough it out! I know you have it in you...Proud of you Blair!!! from all of us at the shop. Keep you head high!

Blair - not quitting yet

Thanks Ross. I'm feeling more rested now so we'll see how tomorrow goes in a fresh province.

Perdouche Bag - Forge ahead!

Don't quit, Blair! Human endurance is both mind and body. Persevere, believe and forge ahead. We're all routing for you.

chris desjardins - camp site

Thanks Blair for the campsite pic. Things always look different than you imagine them to be. I hope the weather improves and you get some nice days in on the bike.

john - Good work - hang in there -

Good work - hang in there - the weather will change and the wind will be in your favor. You aren't missing anything back here but rain.

Ross - where are you

Hey Dude where are you, I am getting Blair posting withdrawal symptoms! Are you in Winterpeg or Ontareeario? Love to hear back, hope you are well. Ross