Near Nipigon to Terrace Bay ON - Day 16

Cross Canada Cycle Tour
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"I'm stoked that I had a day that everything just seemed to work out perfectly."

Today's ride was actually quite awesome. I was warned about how hilly it was going to be and even though there were a few big climbs none of them were nearly as bad as the elevation profile on Google maps made it look. I actually had a tailwind all day and the temperature though cool was perfect to ride in.

The real highlight of the day came when I stopped in Rossport at a cafe for lunch. I had just ordered a giant pile of food and saw a woman ride past slowly pulling a BOB trailer. It seemed quite obvious that she was touring and going East. I almost jumped out of my seat to chase her down but couldn't before she was gone. There was a nice family sorting at the table beside me who sparked up a conversation with me and I ended up giving them my contact details. They were going to be driving down the same road as me and I had hoped that they would run into the mystery cyclist and could give her my info. As luck would have it, she had stopped at a picnic area just outside of town and was pulling back onto the highway just as I was getting going after lunch. I caught up with her and after chatting for a bit out seems like we're pretty much on the same plan. We made it into Terrace Bay, got some food and checked into the motel that I had booked. Her name is Lucy, she's on her way to Ottawa for sure, with a possibility of going right to the east coast. It's sure going to be nice to have somebody to talk to for possibly all of the last 9 or 10 days of my trip. I'm stoked that I had a day that everything just seemed to work out perfectly.

Just outside of Nipigon

A little more water than Kootenay Lake

Falls just before Terrace Bay

Looking out from near the hotel


chris desjardins - sunny days are here again

Hey Blair nice to see the weather cooperate for you for a change. Beautiful country and nice pics. That bob trailer must tow pretty nice because you seem to be averaging some pretty amazing speeds. Just be careful you don't turn into a roadie, I know that spandex can get addicting.

Blair - sunny days

I'm afraid I may still have some rain again for the weekend. I'm going to have to convert back to being a roadie. I have tried riding my bike without the trailer attached a few times lately and it feels so twitchy and uncontrollable now.