Cyswog 'n' Fun Triathlon Logo


Every summer Nelson hosts a triathlon with a very bizarre name, the Cyswog 'n' Fun Nelson Triathlon. If I had to take a guess I can only assume that it is an abbreviation for CYcle SWim jOG but I really have no idea.

Regardless of the strange and questionable origins of the name of this event, I got asked to design them a logo.

I really had no idea how to approach this one. I did know two things though; it was going to have to be a text based logo due to the amount of text that had to fit in it and there couldn't be more than 3 colors so it had to be simple. One thing that wasn't a requirement to start with but I decided to make one was that I couldn't use the typical icons of swimming, biking, and jogging. After doing a bunch of research looking at other triathlon logos they typically seem to have those icons so I didn't want to make one like that.

The result ended up being a simple text layout with a chainring around the "C" just to give it a small graphic element. The couple lines near some of the other text were somewhat intended to create a bit of a crank arm but that one was pretty abstract. The colors were honestly just kind of randomly chosen when I was drafting up the design and was planning on changing them but they liked it so that's what we rolled with.

At the end of it, I wasn't totally satisfied with my design but I guess that will just give me more drive to make a better one next year if I have the opportunity again.