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Fokker Eindecker E111 Model by Dumas


Since I apparently went through withdrawals after building the Bluenose, I decided to get some airplane models to hang near the shelf.

Dumas makes some cool balsa wood and tissue covered plane kits that are rubber band powered. I got a kit for a Fokker Eindecker E.111 since it is a pretty unique looking plane as far as WW1 goes. Kamala also got a different kit which she is in the middle of assembling.

There really isn't too much to write about for this one. The instructions were very clear, the kit assembled quickly; I think I took two afternoons to build almost all of it. The nice thing is that the kits are super cheap. I got mine from for about $23 and you don't need a ton of tools to make them.

After it was done I made a little rig for it to hang from the ceiling near the boat shelf. It is held with 3 pieces of fishing line so that I can change the pitch and roll of it.