Taber to Irvine AB - Day 6

Cross Canada Cycle Tour
Stats of the Day
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Elevation Gain: 
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30*, sunny
"Back on the road to Irvine went alright, but in Irvine was an odd adventure."

The ride to Irvine was pretty uneventful. The roads were good and I had a tail wind the entire way. I took a detour into Medicine Hat to grab lunch since I figured it might be the last city for a bit that would serve something other than redneck cuisine. Back on the road to Irvine went alright, but in Irvine was an odd adventure.

There is no campground in Irvine and despite there being a building that says 'Hotel' and another that advertises having rooms, there are no rooms to be had at either. After chatting with a group of people at the bar about the situation one of them invited me back to his house to set up my tent in his yard and use his shower. I was pleased to have a place to sleep in the yard until we were all hanging out at the picnic table and a crazy rain storm started.

Brad, who's yard I was in, lives right next door to his parents and when the rain was really coming down they invited me to stay in their garage. I quickly ran around in the yard collecting and moving my stuff into the garage while getting totally soaked. When that was done, Brad's mom offered me dinner just when I thought they couldn't be any more generous. That family totally saved my butt and it is random acts of kindness from people like that that make these days much easier.

camping in Taber

Somewhere on the way to Irvine