Creston to Cranbrook BC - Day 2

Cross Canada Cycle Tour
Stats of the Day
Time Riding: 
Elevation Gain: 
Average Speed: 
Max Speed: 
Not sure
23*, rain and headwind
"Today was another challenging day."

Today was another challenging day. There is definitely more climbing than descending from Creston to Cranbrook. Instead of dealing with blazing heat today I dealt with almost 80km of off and on rain, headwind, and truck drivers that seemed to want to run me over.

All of the heat on Monday really wiped me out and I could barely get any food down in the evening or this morning. I woke up this morning feeling queasy so that just made made all of today that much more challenging since I was malnourished. Thankfully my good friend Brad was passing through Cranbrook on his way to Nelson. I was feeling so crappy I was thinking about getting a ride back to Nelson with him but after going out for a big meal and him giving me a good pep talk I was feeling a lot better.

I think I'm going to shorten my days a little until I get out of the mountains so that my body doesn't shut down on me at the end of each day. The next two days will be a little tough but after that I'm hoping my body adjusts and I get some days of minimal climbing and good weather.

The only picture from today due to rain. Near Moyie Lake.