Nelson to Creston BC - Day 1

Cross Canada Cycle Tour
Stats of the Day
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Elevation Gain: 
Average Speed: 
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38*, Sunny
"I'm pretty sure I melted a little inside."

Today was not exactly an easy start to my trip. I didn't get everything packed the night before like I wanted to so this morning I was in a panic to figure out how to get everything into my trailer. I definitely have way too much crammed into it right now since I'm pretty sure everything inside is about 60lbs.

Ready to head out

Wally decided to come with my to the other side of the Balfour ferry and we managed to get there right on time as they were finishing unloading

Wally joined new for the ferry ride

Most of the ride to Creston was not to bad but the closer I got the hotter it became and at one point when my bike was sitting in the sun I saw 43* on my bike computer. I'm pretty sure I melted a little inside.

Since it was so hot and I was starting to feel a little crappy I decided to stay at a motel tonight to get out of the heat. Tomorrow I'm going to Cranbrook. I hope it's a little easier.

looking over Kootenay Lake

Flat land near Creston