Camping at Fletcher Falls


Fletcher Falls is about 10km from downtown Kaslo. It is another cool spot to camp since it is only suitable for tenting and has no services which makes it far more quiet than the vehicle accessible campsites in the area. The trail to get down to the site is also pretty mellow and I was able to ride my cyclocross bike with my BOB trailer down from the highway with no problem. Kamala and I have camped here twice in the last few weeks and I'm sure we'll be back again.

I guess the main attraction to camping here is the waterfall and lakefront camp sites. The waterfall is nice, but the allure for me is more so just the lake. It is nice having the sound of running water so close but it does make for a pretty noisy and quite chilly sleep. I mean that more as a general comment and not so much a complaint. 

The waterfall in question


A very cold creek


There aren't very many campsites here, perhaps four or five, and really it looks like only the ones on either end have a nice flat spot to pitch a tent. Luckily those were the two that we managed to snag each time we've gone. Each site does have a picnic table and fire pit set up which is great since the sun gets hidden by the mountain fairly early in the evening and causes the temperature to drop quickly. 

Our first campsite in the morning getting ready to make pancakes


Kamala on breakfast duty


Campsite number two. 


MSR Hubba Gear Shed has more than enough space for a bicycle and my BOB trailer conveniently. 


It's nice that Fletcher Falls is right inbetween Ainsworth and Kaslo because it helps minimize some of the light pollution and makes for some nice views in the morning and evening. 

Early in the morning a little before 4 a.m.


In the evening around 8 p.m.


10:30 p.m. with a 25 second exposure


125 second exposure around midnight


160 second exposure around midnight. Flash fired on tent. Not sure how it ended up being so orange.


Once the sun was up we were greeted by some nice views once again. As we were driving home from Kaslo after our first visit we got to see these really cool and quite vibrant rainbow coloured clouds that I have never seen before

Even though the image has been enhanced the colours did have quite a bit of pop in person


Out on our paddle boat the first morning


A family of Common Mergansers swam by while we were eating breakfast.


Both weekends that we have spent here have been very enjoyable. I'm already trying to sort out where our next camping adventure will be.